Killorn Keep for Neverwinter Nights

Produced by: Chaos_Theocrat
Website: Killorn Keep @ Neverwinter Vault

[wpdm_file id=537]

An apparently faithful re-creation of Killorn Keep, one of the worlds the Avatar visits in Ultima Underworld 2. At the time the Avatar visits it, it is under the rule of Lord Thibris, and is also home to the Guardian’s champion, Mors Gotha.

Of course, this map doesn’t include any NPCs, so you won’t be encountering Gotha as you wander its halls. But if you want to save some time when laying out an Underworld 2 remake in Neverwinter Nights, or if you need a premade castle you can quickly import that will just happen to insert a sly Ultima reference into your module, this package might just be the one to download.

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